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Psalm 145, responsive reading — Duncan Wilson, UK

Reading for: Proper 13 (usually 9th Sunday after Pentecost), Year A 22nd Sunday after Pentecost, Year C; Inspired by Psalm 145 part 2 (verses 14-21)   You, our God, are gracious and compassionate, long suffering and ever faithful. You are good to all; your compassion rests upon all you have made. You keep faith and […]

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Psalm 147, Call to worship — Ana Gobledale, UK

Inspired by Psalm 147 Epiphany 5, Year B Read responsively or with two voices, with enthusiasm! There are two versions, one shorter and the other longer. Inspired by the words of Psalm 147, we lift our voices in praise. Shorter version: Celebrate God’s grace! How comforting it is to know God always accompanies us. Approach […]

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