worship with children

No matter what, God loves us — Tod Gobledale, UK

I have something in my bag. (Take out a broken bowl.) 1. What’s this? [broken bowl] 2. Have you ever broken something? 3. How did you feel? 4. Have you ever broken something your mum or dad told you to be careful with? 5. What happened? 6. Even when we do something wrong, our parents […]

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Fireworks thanks! — Ana Gobledale, UK

A Children’s Message for after Guy Fawkes, New Years or Independence Days, connecting to the sounds of fireworks. O Children of Jacob, O people of God, Come, let us walk in the light of God. —Isaiah 2:5 (Ask one child) What are you thankful for? God, thank you for (repeat what child said). 3-2-1 CLAP! […]

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Keeping promises,Children’s message, Luke 2:22-40 — Tod Gobledale, UK

Luke 2:22-40, Isaiah 61:10-62:3 Readings for First Sunday after Christmas, Revised Common Lectionary Year B This is intended to be used with a group of children gathered together around the worship leader.  One or two children will suffice; more is delightful. Preparation: small child-size chair, for worship leader soft cloth bag large enough to hold […]

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