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Psalm 72 Renewed — Duncan Wilson, UK

Praise from the heart: psalms  framed and phrased for church worship For Epiphany     Ready-to-download and print: Epiphany Praise Psalm 72 – Duncan Wilson WORD Epiphany Praise Psalm 72 – Duncan Wilson PDF Teach your rulers, O God, how to rule your people with justice and how to govern with gentleness the people who […]

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Psalm 40 Praise – Duncan Wilson, UK

Originally written as a responsive reading for the Second Sunday of Epiphany, Year A.     Ready-to-download and print: Praise Psalm 40 — Duncan Wilson, UK WORD Praise Psalm 40 — Duncan Wilson, UK  PDF We wait patiently for the Holy One who hears our cry for help. lifting us out of the quick sands […]

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Reign of Christ Sunday Intercessory Prayer — Tod Gobledale, UK

As we enter into this intercessory time—thinking and praying for others—let us first seek to still our spirits’ restlessness. I invite you to close your eyes and breathe slowly and deeply. Inhale, filling your lungs…. Exhale, emptying your lungs…. Inhale, fill your lungs…. Exhale, empty them…. Inhale… Exhale. Pray with me. Jesus, they hanged you […]

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