Liberated Liturgy

When our liturgy is truly liberated it will no longer bend to the tyranny of tradition nor the rule of church law. Neither will it bend to the tyranny of change-for-change’s-sake nor weaken due to a perceived ‘need’ for change. Liberated Liturgy will reflect a freedom to use authentic, grounded and progressive words whether they […]

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Winter Words

Brittle chilled branches Revealing sacred presence streaked with winter sun –haiku by Ana Gobledale Words for worship and reflection during the winter season: Free images of winter: All photos posted on the Worship Words website may be used for worship and devotional purposes. Please acknowledge the photographer/artist.

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Before beginning work, psalm — Edward Hayes

From Prayers for a Planetary Pilgrim, Fr. Edward Hayes To You, O Divine One, from whose hands comes the work of creation, so artfully designed, I pray that this work I am about to do may be done in companionship with you. May the work that I will soon begin sing praise to you, as songbirds […]

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