Zach Ford

Lent is… — Zach Ford, UK

Lent is… Bowed row of ashy heads, Gentle service winding down, In penitent reflection. Lent is… I give up this, you gave up that, We laugh, Over how long it will take until we fail. Lent is… Reading the same book together, Talking over points, Laid forth in prose, Straining together to deepen ourselves. But […]

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Psalm for the 100,000 — Zach Ford, UK

‘We (the United Kingdom) passed 100,000 deaths from Covid. I had to write this or my heart would have broken.’ — Zachary We are gone to rags and tatters, So many broken threads, The warp and weft of life gone all awry. This earthquake reaching out, From life to life, Lethal shock passing like static, […]

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Psalm for Christmas 2020 — Zach Ford, UK

Making use of John 1:5 I am cast adrift, O God, I am cut off from your face. A thick darkness surrounds me, I am enmeshed in a mist of confusion. And it seems all creation must mourn, Must mourn and lament, must weep, For we are alone and apart, The light has gone out […]

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