Zambia prayers and worship

Opening prayer of praise and confession — Ian Kapembwa, Zambia

Almighty and everlasting creator, redeemer and sustainer of our lives, the true and only wise God, we thank you for the marvellous works of your hand. Indeed, they signify how great you are. The morphological design of earth describes the splendour of your beauty. Gracious and merciful God, despite your goodness toward humanity we have […]

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Blessing of a building site — Zambia

Creating fresh liturgies for Zambia’ today The city of Lusaka is often called a ‘construction site’ by its residents due to the constant building and expansion of the city.  This liturgy for blessing a new office block site has been written cooperatively by a group of Bachelor of Theology students at the United Church of […]

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Opening Prayers of adoration, thanksgiving & confession – Zambia

A contemporary service in a United Church of Zambia congregation will usually include a ‘Prayer of Adoration, thanksgiving and confession’ following either the Call to Worship or the first hymn. The prayers included on this post are written by students of ministry and theology at the United Church of Zambia University in Mindolo, Kitwe.  They […]

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