Thank God for Church — Ana Gobledale, UK

Thank God for church!

This might be read by numerous voices, responsively or by a single voice.

Remember to pause and focus on firstly each attribute of the Spirit and secondly each specific gratitude.

After each refrain, take time to consider specific people, activities, worship words, prayers, songs, sermons, and other aspects of church for which you are grateful.

Spirit of Community

Thank you for church that brings strangers together

Spirit of Truth

Thank you for messages that open my/our ears and minds

Spirit of Trust

Thank you for familiar words of prayer that provide solid grounding for yet another day

Spirit of Comfort

Thank you for the old melodies that reside in the core of my/our being

Spirit of Eternity

Thank you for the new lyrics set to old tunes that connect my/our today with the yesterday of others

Spirit of Delight

Thank you for the questions of children

Spirit of Generosity

Thank you for the opportunity to share when all week I/we’ve been looking for ways to get more

Spirit of New Life

Thank you for the challenge to change, to act, to be someone better

Spirit of Power

Thank you for others with whom to work for justice and peace,  so together we can make a difference in our world

Spirit of Love

Thank you for this community we call Church that defies death and promises companions along this journey of life.

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