The Church is Me is You — Liz Grant, Salisbury, UK

Our Church meets in a building,
That is a civic pride.
We sometimes need a shoehorn
To fit the folks inside.
We have many groups, who meet here
And do the things they do.
But the buildings only made of stone
The church is me, is you.

Many folk can tell you
Where our church now meets.
On Sundays, high days, holidays
It’s here on this fine Street.
But what isn’t so noticeable,
Though very, very true,
We witness to the city
The church is me, is you.

Some of us have high profiles,
In every task we see.
Some of us rush and shout
Dissenting voices we.
Some of us are quieter folk
Who gently pray and do
In this family of the church
The church that’s me, that’s you

Liz Grant, Second Wind Productions, Salisbury United Reformed Church, United Kingdom