The nights are closing in — Amy Boucher Pye, USA

The nights are closing in,
And darkness descends.
Sometimes I feel lost in the dark,
Wondering where you are;
If you’ve left me.

At times like these,
Remind me of your presence and love
And help me,
Gently, to educate my feelings
To fall in line with the truth of your promises.
Enable me to embrace with my heart and my head
Your assurance that you’ll never leave nor forsake me.

You say that you will uphold me and help me,
And I give you thanks.
When I seek you, I will find you;
I know this to be true.

Give me hope and strength,
And let me share your light and love
with those close to me
and those whom I’ll meet.

To use with a group, substitute ‘we’ and ‘us’ for ‘I’ and ‘me’.

This was originally printed in ‘Woman Alive’ a publication of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) USA.

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