Matthew 25.1-13, The Unexpected, hymn — George Stuart, Australia

For the lyrics, music and a power point, click here.

Tune: Repton AHB 519(ii) TiS 598
Title: The Unexpected
Proper 27, Year A

The stories of the long ago
Can lead to rich insight;
The unexpectedness of life
Can lead to happiness or strife,
To sadness or delight;
To sadness or delight.

The opportunities that come
To minister with grace
Come sometimes sudden, quite unplanned,
But these are times we can expand
The spread of God’s embrace;
The spread of God’s embrace.

‘Be ready!’ is the call to heed;
This time may not return
To show compassion, gentleness,
To speak a word of thoughtfulness –
A sign of God’s concern;
A sign of God’s concern.

The past is past, forever fixed;
The future’s yet to come;
Yet here and now we have the chance
To show our love and thus enhance
The life we might become;
The life we might become.

George Stuart has written sing-able hymns with grounded, authentic and original lyrics set to traditional and familiar tunes. He, graciously, has made his work available free on line.  Click here for his website.

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