Therapeutic Music — Linda Allen, USA

Therapeutic music

‘Therapeutic music is music used in a palliative care setting to provide relaxation, alleviate isolation and boredom, calm fears, soothe frustrations, and in some cases help patients make spiritual connections at this most profound stage of life.’ — Linda Allen

If You Cannot Speak
If you cannot speak my friend I will hear you
If you cannot see, my friend I will sing for you
If you cannot hear, do not fear I will be with you
I will hold you in love, my friend
On your journey home

If you cannot speak‘ and other ‘therapeutic pieces’ appear on Linda’s CD entitled ‘Carry us through this night’.  Click here to listen to the songs on ‘Carry us through this night.’

Music is therapy. Music moves people. It connects people, in ways no other medium can. It pulls heartstrings; it acts as medicine.

— Macklemore

Linda Allen, composer and singer, shares her singing at hospice centres, churches and wherever else the spirit blows her. Linda is a Certified Clinical Musician and works as a therapeutic musician with Hospice of the Northwest in Washington USA.





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