To Be a We — Jim Burklo, USA

The I I think is what I am
Is actually a we
The what I am is what you are
There is no separate me
For I don’t weigh a single pound
Nor look a single see
I can’t be touched, I can’t be found
My body I can’t be
And so it is with you, my friends
You are unseparably
The we what are the you the I
The whom the her the he.
We know we’re we that’s why we reach
That’s why we come together one
That’s why we try to touch to melt
To blend to try to love
To kill the lie of you and I
We hold we cannot live alone
We seek a friend we make a vow
We wed we dread goodbye
But alone we are, together we’re
We cannot cease to be a we
The Whole Eternal Boundless Thing
We were we are we’ll always be….

To read more of Jim’s writings, visit his website: Mindful Christianity and weblog: Musings.

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