Transfiguration Call to Worship — Thandiwe Dale-Ferguson, USA

photo by Kathy Schultz, Australia

We follow you O Christ,
Up the mountain to pray, not knowing what you have in store.
We witness you O Christ,
Your face transformed with light, Moses and Elijah beside you.
We worship you O Christ,
For we are awed by the power of your love.
Emmanuel, God with us
Jesus, our brother,
Christ our savior,
Teacher, preacher, rabbi, friend,
Open our eyes again, that we might witness your power and glory once more. Not only in this place of sacred sanctuary and worship, not only where we expect to find you,
But in our neighborhoods, on street corners and on mountain slopes, in grocery stores and fallow fields, at our workplaces and in our homes. Indeed, everywhere in our world.
Friends, Christ is with us!  Let us greet one another and share the peace of Christ.


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