Transfiguration Confession — Thandiwe Dale-Ferguson, USA

Christ, Brother, Teacher, Friend,

As we look upon your face transformed by the light of Love,

we confess that we have chosen to walk in the darkness of fear, prejudice, selfishness, shame and pride.

As we marvel at your ability to forgive and heal, reconcile and make new,

we confess that we have chosen to hold fast to anger and resentment,

to cling stubbornly to how things have always been.

As we prepare to come to the table to remember how you lived your life for others and to receive your gift of grace,

we confess that we allow greed and fear to drive our actions.

We pause in silence, for some of us need more time to stand, repentant, before you.

In your mercy, free us from the bonds of evil.

Liberate our minds from the shackles of insecurity and fear, hatred and greed.

Shine the light of your love upon us —

that by that light we may know we are already forgiven, called by name and beloved.