Mark 9.2-9, Transfiguration hymn, Can we see Jesus? — George Stuart, Australia

Mark 9:2-9, particularly verses 2-3.
‘The message of the lyrics goes beyond the actual reading.’ – George Stuart

Tune: Bunessan

For the lyrics, music and a power point, click here.

Can we see Jesus
High on the mountain
Brighter than sunlight
Whiter than white?
Yes. We see Jesus
Unmasking for us
God in such wonder,
Boundless in light.

Can we see Jesus
Eating with outcasts,
Touching the lepers,
Friends with the poor?
Yes. We see Jesus
Unmasking for us
God as compassion,
Gracious and more.

Can we see Jesus
Dying so slowly
Speaking no malice
With his last breath?
Yes. We see Jesus
Unmasking for us
God as forgiveness
In life and death.

I can see Jesus
On my faith journey
Dazzling charisma,
Humble and meek.
I can see Jesus
God’s revelation,
Close and inviting
Each time I seek.

Thanks to George’s generosity, all of the lyrics published on his website are free of any copyright restrictions and limitations and thus are all available for your use.

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