Unbinding Lazarus, John 11:1-45, Lent 5 – Loren McGrail, Palestine/Israel

Fifth Sunday of Lent, Year A


So dear ones this is the hope of this Lenten Gospel reading.

Our sisters and brothers who have been entombed will rise.


The question is where are we in the Lazarus story?


Are we standing there paralyzed by the force of our own weeping?

Are we working or chipping away at the stone?

Are we throwing stones at the stone?


And when Lazarus appears bound in his death shroud, what do we do?

Do we run away in fear?

Do we join with the others in the gentle task of unbinding

one bandage at a time?


God of infinite Compassion

who weeps with us

commands us to remove all stones

You have called us back to life

from the death grip of imperial violence

and occupation to serve life.

You have commanded us to rise

and “stay human”

to unbind ourselves and others.

God of the donkey

You have inspiredus to sing and shout

down the Mount of Olives.


God of the cup

You have asked us to keep you company

stay awake in the garden.


God of the basin and the towel

You have asked to love one another

to carry your cross

bear our own.


God of the empty tomb

You have asked us to believe

to live resurrected lives

with your grace and mercy may it be so.

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