Unfolding – David Long-Higgins, USA

photo by David Long-Higgins

O Love,
Unfold me anew;
For my spirit easily tightens
Around yesterday’s too much
Sadness and loss and worry.

Stretch me open
With an energy not my own
But given as the gift of Life
Revealing beauty within
Already formed by You
Before I even knew to notice.

Yes, Love, ground me
In Your forming grace
Always at work
In ways unnameable
Yet daring to name me
And everyone, Beloved

O Love,
Unfold me to this
Noticing You in others
Trusting Your desire
To meet every resistance
I hold as temporary truth
Until at last again and again
I am born anew
Into a beauty I cannot yet see
A birthright unbelievable
Brought to life by You
The One who is Life.

Yes, Love,
Unfold me anew to this
And let it be more
Than enough for today.


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