Vestry Prayers

Time for worship has arrived.
Worship leaders gather for prayer.
What words will inspire us? guide us? ground us?
What words will remind us of the need for both humility and authority?
What words will connect us to our common purpose, faith and God?
This quiet time for gathering and invoking the presence of the holy provides a foundation for the nearing service.

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More Vestry Prayers…

God, as we meet together today to praise and worship you, we pray that our faith may grow in hearing your word. Help us to find ways of sharing our faith with others and show us how we can use it to further your work in this world full of problems, that we live in. 

Creator God, as we gather here today to celebrate the wonderful world you have given us and the miracle of growth, help us to sow the seeds of kindness, empathy, understanding and love here in this Church and as we go out into our daily lives.  We think particularly today of our friends who are no longer with us and ask you to be with their families so that they may know that your love surrounds them.

God, we ask your blessing for everyone gathered here today for worship, for friendship, for support and for fellowship. We pray that all may gain what they need from this act of worship and carry your love with them when they leave today.

Almighty God, you light up the way for us. Help us to see our path and our purpose as we approach the season of Lent. Help us all to re-commit our lives to you and take your love out of this place and into the wider world.

Eternal One, we give thanks for the people who gather here to worship this morning. From the youngest to the oldest, let our ears be open to hear your word and our eyes be opened to see what needs to be done. Speak to us that we might find insight, forgiveness and freedom and help us to carry your love into a needy world when we leave today.

Kirkland United Church of Christ, Washington USA, photo by Martha Baldwin

Almighty God, who always surprises us, we pray that all who are worshipping here today are inspired and energised by the words they hear and by feeling your presence and love. We pray that everyone leaves today feeling they have learned something, received something and given something.

Words to still the soul…

Now, for this space, I put them all aside,
the awesome things for which no words will come.
Such grief must go where only God is guide.
Our lovely plane darkens. Nightmares ride.
The sunlit waters thicken into scum.

Now, for this space, I put them all aside.

I read of torture others bleed. Outside
the thin screams rise. They keen a steady hum.
Such grief must go where only God is guide.
The aging skeletons no robe can hide
when eyes go out and soul surrenders, dumb,

now, for this space, I put them all aside.

Beyond compassion’s reach, our guilt or pride,
is hurt so huge our human mercy’s numb.
Such grief must go where only God is guide.

Who could contain these evils, and confide
the awesome things for which no words will come?
Such grief must go where only God is guide.

Copyright © by Jeanne Lohmann