We Are Gathered, hymn — Amanda Udis-Kessler

Tune: Nettleton 8787D — John Wyeth, Repository of Sacred Music, Part II, 1813

We are gathered in the Spirit though our bodies are apart,
Filled with joy and touched with wonder, separate hands but mingled hearts
Giving thanks and singing praises for the love that calls us on.
From our many different places we are gathered into one.

We are gathered in our sorrow. We are gathered in our fear,
In our pain and in our worry, in our anger and our tears.
As we tend to one another with our gifts and with our care,
Our community is strengthened through the faith and hope we share.

We are gathered in commitment to a planet that is whole.
Works of justice, acts of kindness bless the world and heal our souls.
As our voices join together, may our song of peace resound.
May we offer in abundance all the grace that we have found.

Piano and vocals: Kelly Blackmarr, Unitarian Universalist Church of Savannah, Georgia

The free score and recording for this hymn are available for download on Amanda’s website, Queer Sacred Music, where you may also discover numerous other original songs (lyrics, scores and recordings) and worship items.

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