We pledge our lives, hymn — George Stuart, Australia

This hymn might be used for welcoming new church members or in any service highlighting our call to discipleship.
Tune: Aurelia (The Church’s One Foundation)

Disciples here with Jesus
In solidarity
We now affirm each other
Within our liturgy;
In God we come together;
In God we are as one;
In God we can continue
What Jesus has begun.

We voice all our intentions;
We promise to be true
To Jesus and his calling,
His mission to pursue;
We seek his simple wisdom,
His grace and gentleness;
But most of all his passion
For love, inclusiveness.

Our world needs deep compassion
For justice, liberty;
It must be called to banish
Corruption, poverty;
As Jesus censured leaders,
We too must be prepared
To stand against the ‘powers’;
Help victims to be spared.

This is a grand occasion,
One deeply based in hope;
We come to face the future
With its demanding scope;
We pledge our lives in service,
To follow Jesus’ way;
We pray for vision, purpose
Both now and every day

Photo: banner at Kirkland Congregational Church, United Church of Christ, Kirkland, Washington USA — by Ben Ulrich

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