We Will Remember Them (for TDOR) — Kayleigh Whitehurst, UK

Originally written for and shared in a Transgender Remembrance Service in Salisbury, UK

We Will Remember Them

Falling into the depths of negativity once more,
The dreaded bleakness of a mind overcome with grief.
The time, it seems, was taken much too quickly,
By some great faceless nameless thief.

Their path was short, their footsteps buried,
Some may not have known their struggle.
Beyond what they saw on the great façade,
Happiness dispensed by a clinical drug.

But people they were and people they remain,
in our memories and in our hearts,
Divine Love keeps them close for ever,
God’s love flows from the ramparts.

They were our brothers, lovers, sisters, friends,
Mothers, fathers, the list never ends.
The strength of our spirit shall never weary
Our thoughts and prayers, them they defend.

The seas may roll in and out, the light may fade,
The snow may fall and be melted again by the spring.
Without them here it seems pointless and dull,
And hardly worth the time for living.

But remember that they are with us still,
They never shall leave us again.
Their smiles and laughs live on forever.
We Will Remember Them.

Photos are from a service held at Cairn Christian Church, Lafayette, Colorado.