Wedding banquet prayer — Tod Gobledale, UK

Pray with me.

Indeed our hearts are overflowing with joy!
As we sit at these tables, tables filled with the earth’s bounty for our celebration,
we remember and give thanks, Eternal One,
for your unnumbered blessings in our lives.

We give thanks for family and friends gathered here.
We remember loved ones not with us today in body, but in spirit, whose hearts are surely full of joy!
As food nourishes our bodies, so love nourishes our souls.
May our conversation this afternoon remind us of the truth of this.
May we offer one another strength and support,
and may this meal enrich us with wisdom, laughter and love.

Bless us all.
Bless this food we are about to share.
And bless Partner 1 & Partner 2, united as one on this their wedding day.
May the memory of this gathering breaking bread together last for the rest of our days.

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