Wedding words, an option

We have gathered here in the presence of the Divine to celebrate the wedding of AB and CD.
We come to rejoice with them and to support them with our prayers.
Marriage is both a divine gift and calling, not to be entered into lightly nor thoughtlessly, but reverently and responsibly.
Through marriage, couples may find comfort and companionship in each other, and live faithfully together within the loving embrace of God.
In marriage, we are called to love and honour each other, enrich and encourage each other, and know each other with tenderness and joy.
In marriage, families are nurtured and cared for so that they may live and grow in the security of love, and come to experience the freedom of faith.
Joined together through marriage, we may be a sign of unity and mutual commitment for the enriching of society and the strengthening of community.
This is the way of faithful living that A and C are here to commit to today in our presence and before God.
They come to give themselves freely to each other, to exchange solemn promises, and to ask God’s blessing on their new life together.

Adapted from the wedding service for Ray Stanyon

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