Who is Jesus? — Eleanor Hubbard, Colorado USA

Mafa Art

For Emalyn whom Eleanor mentored…

Who is Jesus? 

A little boy born in a barn in a small village to poor parents.

Two thousand, sixteen years ago.

I wish I understood how and why he came

still influencing billions of people today.


What I do know is that Jesus healed people.

Jesus taught, prayed, and gathered with friends.

He told great stories and collected enemies.

But who was he really?


A great man, yes!  A spiritual being, of course!

Art painted, books written, stories told, still a mystery.

I continue to wonder who he was

more importantly who he is for me today. 


In 77 years, I have rejected him,

I have followed him, I have admired him,

I have cursed him, yet here I am: A Christian.

Because of this unique man who called God Daddy.

by Eleanor A. Hubbard, Ph.D., Cairn Christian Church, Colorado USA