Wild God, talking to Jesus – John van de Laar, South Africa

Wild God – words to Jesus

It seems to us that things would be much easier
if you would just do what we ask, Jesus,
If you were more compliant and co-operative,
more flexible and adaptable,
more open to follow agendas other than your own.

But frustratingly, you refuse to be tamed, Jesus.
You won’t be domesticated into leaving our brokenness untouched,
No – you prod and provoke,
unafraid of the pain it might cause us,
of the comfort we may have to relinquish.

You are a Wild God, Jesus, and we are afraid of such a God,
but we choose to praise you anyway,
because a domesticated deity,
a tame grace is not what we need.
You are a Wild God, and we praise you that you are,
because any other God would be unworthy of the name.

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