Witness, hymn — Sam Goodman, UK

Berlin, photo by Tod Gobledale

Witness, hymn by Sam Goodman, UK hymnist
Tune: Go tell it on the mountain


Breathe life into our witness
Guide us in ways that share your message
Rescue with your forgiveness
And hold us safe in your love

Remind us we are cherished
Revive our very souls
Restore us in your image
Redeem us, make us whole    Chorus

Renew your gospel in us
Refresh our lives again
Rekindle your flame in us
Reclothe us in your name      Chorus

Rebalance how we worship
Repeat your word to us
Rejoicing in communion
Reveal hope in your love    Chorus

You love without condition
You love us without fear
Your love is never ending
Your mercy draws us near    Chorus

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