Woman of Samaria, Hymn for Lent 3A — George Stuart, Australia

Third Sunday of Lent, Year A
John 4:5-42, particularly verses 5-9.
Jesus Speaks to the Woman of Samaria
Tune: Old 124th

For the lyrics, music and a power point, click here.

Jesus was tired; he sat by Jacob’s well;
Asked for a drink; the woman could not tell
Why was it thus? Why did he speak to her?
Custom was clear! Such contact could incur
Shame and disgrace. It just should not occur!

Jesus did not obey the laws’ demand;
‘Respect for all’ was where he took his stand;
He treated women with such dignity
As should be shown to all humanity;
He practised radical equality.

So with this woman of Samaria,
Jesus ignored the laws’ strict formula;
Race and her gender were of no concern;
Yet his disciples were so slow to learn;
We too, our prejudice, must overturn.

We learn from Jesus, follow in his way,
And give respect to both the straight and gay,
To other races, all humanity;
For in us all is God’s own face to see;
And seeing we breed true humanity.

George Stuart has written sing-able hymns with grounded, authentic and original lyrics set to traditional and familiar tunes. He, graciously, has made his work available free on line. Click here for his website.

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