Words for communion — David Parkin, UK

At the breaking of bread and the pouring of the cup:

‘This represents my body—broken in solidarity with the suffering of the world.’
‘This cup is about a new community – with God, with each other, and with the world.’

At the sharing (assuming the practice of eating and drinking together):

‘The bread of life – a symbol of abundance for all.’
‘The poured out wine – a symbol of sacrificial living.’

David writes:
‘I can no longer use traditional words when I’m presiding at a communion service…. Why? Because I believe that Jesus entrusts us with that same vision of an alternative reality. Communion as a subversive act is a small beginning of a commitment to his vision of how the world might be.’

This is shared from David’s article, ‘The Subversive Supper’, printed in Free to Believe, Spring 2013, page 13, published by Free to Believe, an ‘informal network of liberally minded Christians striving for an open, inclusive and thinking church.’

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