C – Prayers for Tuesday

Refreshing words, by Lawrence Moore, UK

Preparation: a bowl of water (to represent baptism) and towel



I go into today with the gift of the God who calls me,
the Christ who walks beside me,
and the Spirit who empowers me.

I refresh my body with the water of all life. (Wash hands, face and head with water.)

You have chosen to live with us,
God of Life.
You involve yourself in the mess and muckiness of our everyday
until it displays the new-washed brightness
of your Tomorrow.

Forgive my fear.
Fan the flames of my small love.
Fill me with your Spirit.

Reflection, by Steve Garnaas-Holmes, USA

The rain stopped long ago; skies are blue.
But on the morning path the breeze
shakes down showers
the trees have been holding onto.
I will gladly drown in this blessing.

Awakening this morning in bed,
as my conscious mind opened up
it filled with what day this is, who I am,
what I intend and fear.
As I sit in prayer I let it all drain out again,
to be mindful of God instead.

In my morning shower I rinse off
lots of stuff that’s not really me.

My work today is to drown in God,
to return to that blessed death
I have touched at times,
to remember my baptism and be glad
that I have passed away
and there is only God remaining,
and live in that newness.

Weather Report
which hopefully will sweep you away,
your life a mess of mud and grace,
as you find yourself in a new place.

Explore Steve’s blog at Unfolding Light.

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