Words will out — Raymond Guy, UK

Originally posted in Progressive Voices, UK

Words Will Out

They tumble and fall, they teem and spill. They hit the target, they fly far wide of it. They tell so much, they convey so little. They add, subtract and multiply.

You can put them to work or set them to music. They cheer and distress. They leap out at you and hide from the memory. They are on the tip of your tongue but won’t co-operate.

They seem to travel faster for lies than they do for truth. They fly to please you and return to hurt you. They seem to have a mind all of their own. They sing in the poem and sigh in graffiti.

…They are a wonderful tool and a dangerous weapon. They can give a man immortality and they can take away his life. They can put you on a pedestal or a cross.

How can such tiny things have such enormous power? They can make a meal or start a persecution. They can seal a treaty or start a revolution. You never know what words are going to do next.

They are so innocent but are always being found guilty. They run riot but you can’t imprison them. You can make them whisper but you can’t make them be silent. You never know where they are.

They can be still in your mind or bounce off the moon. They hide in machines and show on our faces. They can tell tales and build castles in our imagination. Life without them would be unbearable.

They fashion what we are and give us an inkling of who we are. The right word can bring us home.

Whoever invented them must have been a genius.

‘In the beginning was the Word and the Word was God’.   (John 1:1)


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