World Environment Day Prayer — Ana Gobledale, UK

This prayer incorporates the promises of the World Environment Day Pledge created in Australia in 2007.

God, empower me to make a difference.
Forgive me for taking travel, convenience and electronics for granted.
Grant me the willingness to:

  • boil only the water I need, rather than filling the kettle every time.
  • turn my bio-degradable waste into compost for my garden.
  • use re-usable cloth bags for my shopping
  • switch off my television or computer screen, rather than leave it on stand-by.
  • replace one return flight with travel by train.
  • switch my household to energy generated from renewable sources.
  • take action on auto fuel saving measures
  • share my car journeys to work with a colleague, or replace those car journeys with public transport.
  • take shorter showers.
  • turn the tap off when I brush my teeth.
  • volunteer for a green project in my local community.

Open my heart and mind to more drastic changes in my lifestyle.
Free me from my expectations and assumptions.