You could have…, a prayer of thanks — Lawrence Moore, UK

You could have given up on the world,
left us God-forsaken,
abandoned to darkness and despair.

You could have shut your ears to our groaning,
your eyes to our bleeding,
your heart to our tears.

You could have left us to live with our choices,
our death-dealing,
our cries of ‘Crucify him!’

But you are the great Lover,
the caring Creator,
the Good Shepherd,
the mighty Saviour.

In Jesus, you entered our darkness,
walking among us
with words of love,
breathing forgiveness,
defeating our demons,
with arms wide in welcome.

You live among us by your Spirit.
You are God, infinitely close.
This world is the new heaven –
your home among us,
and we can never be the same again.



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