Peace prayer – Phil Porter, USA

Peace sign at Salisbury United Reformed Church, Ana GobledaleCreator God,
you who knows us to our very core,
Who can see where we ache and where we delight,
Who sings lullabies to the tender places in our hearts,
Who understands our struggles and our insecurities,

You who can spin the worlds and still hear our quiet prayers,
Who will stop for the wounded sparrow and mourn the struggling earth

You who will guide our feet so that we shall not stumble,
Who reaches out a hand when we have lost our way

You who stands high on the mountain top
and will also find the broken one slumped on the sidewalk,
Who will be with us in the highs and the lows and those middle times when we may wander from the way
You who has the power and the glory, grant us peace.

Help us find the peace that speaks to our unnamed fears,

The peace that softens the argument and lets us bend to a greater truth
Help us find peace within the politics of division
Help us make peace with what is real in our lives even when we want to deny it
Help us bring peace to our worried minds that jump from this to that without direction

And let us be the bringers of your peace, even when we are in the thick of it
Help us to stop and breath and take in your Spirit before we react.
Help us count to ten and then to ten again if that will interrupt a spiral of hurt.

We ask this in the spirit of expansive Love.

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