Farmers Day–first Monday of August, Zambia

Every first Monday of August, Zambia celebrates ‘Farmers’ Day’, a national holiday. It’s a day in the spring to recognize the importance of agriculture to Zambia’s economy.  The Sunday before will be a time to celebrate the land and its produce, as well as to highlight the difficult conditions for farmers in Zambia.

Nearly 85 percent of Zambian workers are farmers, plantation workers, or cattle ranchers. The country is immensely dependent on the food, coffee, tobacco, cotton, and other agricultural products it produces, both for export and local consumption.

A prayer for Farmers Day

Creator God, we give thanks for this earth, your garden.
Help us take good care of all the plants and animals that live here with us.

Worship Resources

Resources for Blessing Gardeners and Farmers Services may be adapted easily for use on Farmers Day Sunday.


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