Because of Mary — William Stephenson, USA

Because of Mary – an Advent reflection

Because of Mary
all class, all castes, all hierarchical
systems are now undermined.

Because of Mary
the world can no longer categorize someone
as being worthless or worth less
than somebody else.

Because of Mary
the Christmas story is for little ones and the poor…
the victims of bigotry and bullying…
all who are looked down upon…
all from whom less is expected
and less is given.

Because of Mary
the reign of numbers is at an end.
The reign of statistics is finished.
The reign of seeing the world’s population
as ‘objective projections’ is over.

Because of Mary
nobody is an ‘it’ and,
everybody is a ‘you’!
The reign has begun
that every person is precious!

Because of Mary
God says that Jesus
is not the reason for the season.
God says you and I
are the reason for the season!
We are all the reason!
No one is left out!

Because of Mary
Christmas is for those who are
oppressed, rejected,
neglected, forgotten.
All of those judged to be
the great misery in this world.

Because of Mary
Christmas is not just about Jesus…
Christmas is also about
the poor, the ‘lowly’, the least
in this world.

Because of Mary
God has knocked the queen and king
down to size
and put a Nobody on the throne.
So that the world will now proclaim…
‘Blessed are you among women.’

And Mary
comes this Christmas
not riding on a donkey
but in a twenty-five-year-old
broken-down Buick
driven by her chronically
unemployed boyfriend.

You can pick her out…
You know what she looks like…
You have seen her haven’t you
holding a cardboard sign on the street corner?
Surely you have seen her.

So, brace yourself!
There’s a birthquake coming!
Because of Mary.

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