Call to Communion on-line — Cara Heafey

With what words do we invite the Body of Christ to gather on video screens?

What actions and words recognize and welcome Jesus as host for our home communion meals?

What terms express the authentic and powerful experience of Christ’s presence in our virtual midst?


Jesus shared meals in all kinds of homes:
The home of Zacchaeus
a collaborator and a crook.

The home of Simon, a Pharisee
where he defended the woman
who caused a scene at the dinner party

The home of Martha, Mary and Lazarus,
his friends,
a house where he could laugh and relax.

We’re used to sharing this meal
in grander buildings,
spaces set-apart as sacred.

But this is where is all began:
in ordinary houses,
in upstairs rooms and wayside inns
and around kitchen tables.

In the spaces where people live,
surrounded by the ordinary clutter of living.

Come, living Jesus, be our guest
here in our homes.
Come, living Jesus, be our host
here at your table.

Ready-to-print copies of Cara’s complete Lockdown Communion Liturgy:

PDF Lockdown Liturgy for communion – Cara Heafey, UK

WORD Lockdown Liturgy for communion – Cara Heafey, UK

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