February words


Transfigured Revealed magnificence Appearing in radiant glory Truth bursting forth illumination of wonder divine umbilical cord connected radiance raining upon beholders What words do we use to describe the indescribable? What metaphors bring us closer to the experience, the meaning? Whatever we think happened, however we interpret the story, this revered and remembered moment holds […]

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Valentine’s Day

  How do we speak of love? What words hold the essence of the feeling, the experience, the action of loving?   Newest ‘Valentine’s Day’ posts . . . (images link to posts) Alphabetical archive of all ‘Valentine’s Day’ resources . . .

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Black History Month – USA

How is our language in worship shaped by race? What colours do we see as we speak the words of our faith? Princes shall come out of Egypt; Ethiopia shall soon stretch out her hands unto God. -Psalm 68:31 How might the colour of Jesus effect our devotion? Black History Month (October in UK, February […]

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