Joan Smith

Bubble Prayer — Joan Smith, UK

Supplies:  Bubble-making paraphernalia Inside, individual small bubble liquid containers with wands suffice, as sold for weddings. Outside, any size bubble containers and wands will do.   An especially large wand might be used for a ‘big’ group prayer. Think about your week. What questions, worries or confessions do you have? What positives, joys and hopes do […]

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Callings, a prayer — Joan Smith, UK

Help us to see you, to recognise your special role in our lives. Help us not to be afraid of new situations. Sometimes you call us to live differently, or walk in a new direction. Help us to follow you with eager hearts, always trusting in your mercy.

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Loving God, Vestry Prayer — Joan Smith, UK

Loving God, We clear our minds and open our hearts to you. [pause] Be with [name of worship leaders and preacher] as they bring the message in ways which allow you to speak through their words to bring a spark of understanding and inspiration to our congregation this morning. May the prayers and music lift […]

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