Genesis 1:26, What colour is God?, Children’s message — Ana Gobledale, UK

“Then God said, ‘Let us make humankind in our image, according to our likeness….'”

Genesis 1.26

Lesson: Looking at skin colour to learn more about God.

What colour are you?

Listen to this poem by Kathleen McGinnis, and see if you can find a colour that matches your skin.

Some people are black like ebony wood.

Some people are light brown like roast turkey.

Some people are pink like bubble gum.

Some people are brown like chocolate cake.

Some people are white like vanilla ice cream.

Some people are yellow like a ripe pear.

Some people are reddish brown like cinnamon rolls.

Some people are tan like peanut butter.

[If a child has not identified with any of the above colours, ask them:  What else is the same colour as you?  Encourage them to claim a colour or item they feel describes themself.]

People come in lots of colours.  And we all are created in the image of God.

God must be like a rainbow!

Pray with me.

Thank you God for being lots of colours, like a rainbow, and for sharing all your colours with us.  Amen.

This untitled poem was written by Kathleen McGinnis and was published in an article by her entitled, ‘Young Children and the language of color’, on page 5 of the periodical ‘Parenting for Peace & Justice.’  I do not know the publication date, perhaps 1989.