Christmas Conception — Jim Burklo, USA

A cool clear dawn in early spring:
She stepped outside to fill her jug
With water from the village well.

“What is happening to my feet?”
She whispered as she walked along.
They’d never felt so full of life…

They seemed to float above the ground.
And up her legs and through her thighs
A tingling rush arose and swelled.

The inner glow lit up her groin
And moved into her chest and head;
She had no words for what she felt.

The earth stays round by gravity
Pulling things toward itself,
But earth’s a seed that yearns to bloom.

The force that pulls in turn rebounds
With lava bursting out from deeps
And water bubbling up in springs

And love divine that percolates
Up every break in everything
To find and fill an open heart.

A power Mary could not name
Pushed through the earth and up her frame
Into her heart, into her womb.

She welcomed it and let it glow,
Encouraged it to dwell and grow;
Make her more human and divine.

She passed that love into her son,
Who offered it to everyone;
May it rise through us, each and all,
At Christmas.

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