COP26 Prayer – EcoCongregationScotland

A prayer for COP ( the United Nations Conference of the Parties)

A video recording of this prayer is available here.

Sustaining God
this week, at great cost and with great urgency,
the leaders of our species
and those with concern for their common home
have gathered in Glasgow.
We ask for your welcoming, affirming presence
in the many layers of gathering
which are part of that event.

Give to those who make decisions
a freedom from the burdens of a past
which have pushed us to this cliff-edge.

Give a dawning vision of your offer of healing
greater than the blocked horizon of what it might cost.
Argue and wrestle with the powers and principalities
of expediency and despair.

Open every human ear to the voices of the Earth, and of sisters, brothers,
who already suffer sharply.

Save us from the despair of complacency
and the toxic temptation
when the visitors have departed
to embrace ‘business as usual’
for that ‘normal’ has gone.

And our only future
will be in wakefulness
yes, joy
as we live out your love for the Earth we are part of
through your Word made Flesh
Jesus, our Friend.

Hosanna: God help us!

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