Do you bring peace?, hymn — Sam Goodman, UK

Watched Word by John Potter, UK

Tune: Williams, ‘Yes God is good’

Do you bring peace, will your peace last?
Do you bring justice to this place?
Do you bring hope when all is lost?
Do we respond and share your grace?

Do you plant seeds on barren land?
Do you bring wine to quench our thirst?
Do you speak words we understand?
Do we now strive to put you first?

Do you touch lives and bring a change?
Do you see us within your plan?
Do you redeem & blot out stains?
Do we give you the best we can?

Do you know hurt, do you know fear?
Do you walk with us on your earth?
Do you hold us and catch our tears?
Do we know how we ought to serve?

Do you know doubt, do you know loss?
Do you see heaven here increase?
Do you remember on that cross?
How you came to us to bring peace?

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