Earth Prayer — David Pickering, UK

Renewing God,

we pray for a new spirit of care

to branch out across the earth,

that all nations might act for your creation

in silencing the roar of the chainsaw

in extinguishing the burning of the forests

in purging the pollution of the air

in conserving valuable energy

in stemming the tide of pollution

that our destruction may be transformed

into the spring of new life

We pray for the well being of all creation

in this and future generations.


Creator God,

we know that life will not be saved by signing papers,

but by responsible actions.

Help us each to make our contribution to the future of your world.

David, Moderator of the National Synod of Scotland in the United Reformed Church, wrote this prayer for the Earth Summit, June 1992.

Photo:  Colorado waters, Thandiwe Dale-Ferguson