Epiphany Evening Conversations — Maren Tirabassi, USA

Epiphany Evening

When Mary was really cold,
she gave an angry kick
to the frankincense jar
(flashy gift, but ultimately useless)
and then she saw it –

‘Look what the magi really left us!
I can start this fire with
what fell behind the caravan’s two-toed feet.

‘Something ordinary is the only way
to warm a child of God.’

Meanwhile, gingerly settling
on their crabby spitting camels
and talking quietly
about what they had seen and felt,

Melchior said to Gaspar,
‘Do you suppose our gifts will help?’
Gaspar shrugged, but Balthasar said
what they were all thinking,

‘I hope so, but, O, my hands
feel wonderful now they are empty.’

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