From where I stand, hymn — Sam Goodman, UK

Bryce Canyon rocks, Michael Dutchak

Tune: In Christ alone

You are my rock, safe and secure
All that I treasure comes from you
When others fade, you will endure
Your promises are always true

From where I stand, from what I know
You are my strength, you are my guide
Wherever I am called to go
Your love will always live inside

I could be cowardly or brave
Fear could engulf my waking hours
Your message has the power to save
Your words bring hope, they give me power


I cannot walk this path alone
I cannot find the words to say
Your family becomes my home
Opens its arms and bids me stay


You lift my spirits, give me hope
In troubles I can feel your hand
You take my burden, help me cope
You lead me on from where I stand


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