Come to the table (communion hymn) — Stephen Best, Wales UK

Tune: Assurance

Come voice your struggles, come shed your tears,
Come calm your anger, come lose your fears.
Here we encounter the Living Lord
Through bread that’s broken, in wine that’s poured


Come to the table, join in the song,
This is the place where all shall belong.
Voices in chorus, seeking Christ’s ways,
To become God’s living stones of praise.

Come voice your laughter, come show your joy,
We’ll be a temple the world won’t destroy.
Founded on caring, compassion and love,
Strength of lion, peace of the dove.


Come voice your outrage, come right what’s wrong,
Working for justice, together we’re strong.
More than the sum of each separate part,
Seeking and sharing the way of the heart.


This hymn was included in Stephen’s ordination and induction services and also in a BBC Radio Wales broadcast of a worship service.

‘Anyone wishing to make use of my material in worship should feel free to do so; a simple authorship acknowledgement suffices.’   Stephen


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