Love alone, hymn — Stephen Best, Wales UK

Tune: Blaenwern

1 Corinthians 13

Any words which I may utter,
Without love to reach their goal,
Are no more than clashing cymbals,
Empty gongs without a soul.
Though I conjure future visions,
Understand life’s wherewithal,
And have faith which moves the mountains,
Without love I am not whole.

Acts of charitable giving
And the self-denial call,
If such actions have no loving,
I gain nothing from them all.
Love is patient, love is kindness,
Knows no envy does not boast,
Bends itself to others’ pathways,
Hopes, believes and endures all.

Everything has its own season,
Once a child I now stand tall.
Though an adult yet my vision,
Through dark mirrors captures all.
While I search for understanding,
Faith and hope and love still call,
And in future generations,
Love alone will outlive all.

This hymn of love was included in Stephen’s ordination and induction services and was included in a BBC Radio Wales broadcast of a worship service.

‘Anyone wishing to make use of my material in worship should feel free to do so; a simple authorship acknowledgement suffices.’  —  Stephen

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