In Praise of Doubt (hymn) – George Stuart

by Thandiwe Dale-Ferguson

Year C Easter 2
Reading: John 20:19-31, particularly verses 19-29.
Not specifically on the reading but on the general issue of doubt

Tune: Forest Green

In Praise of Doubt

Some people say, ‘To doubt is wrong’
We should not doubt at all;
To question our beliefs, they say
Could bring about our fall;
But doubt permits an honest stance
In those who are devout;
For those who think about beliefs
Can sing in praise of doubt.

The Thomas’ story has been used
To judge, condemn, deplore;
But Thomas shows he is sincere;
He wanted to be sure.
For doubt can help but not deter
A vital turnabout;
Yes! Those who care about beliefs
Can sing in praise of doubt.

If our beliefs prevent our search
For new and different creeds;
Let us beware of narrow views
Where dogma often breeds;
With new, exciting facts we learn
Much love can come about;
Yes! Those who grow in their beliefs
Can sing in praise of doubt.