Jubilee Together, hymn – Sam Goodman, UK

This is jubilee together
Tune: Dim Ond Iesu – Here is love vast as the ocean

This is Jubilee together
Here is Good News for the poor
Love united, love forever
Sharing hope of faith reborn
Let us fix our eyes on Jesus
May we learn to live the way
And rejoice in how grace feeds us
To reflect that love today

Love is here and shown in actions
With a spirit to transform
With a mission and a purpose
And an eager church reformed
Through our joys and through our sorrows
Let’s discern how we can serve
Let us focus our tomorrows
To unite your world and church

Let us celebrate together
The diversity we bring
In our prayers and our compassion
And the joyful hymns we sing
Here are reasons to be thankful
Here is hope we’ve waited for
Here’s the Gospel of redemption
And the grace of God outpoured

As we look towards the future
And remember all that’s passed
Let’s give thanks and trust in Jesus
For his love and mercy last
This is jubilee forever
There is Good News here for all
When we listen to God’s message
And unite to meet God’s call

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