Lectionary Liturgies blog — Thom Shuman, USA

This active blog, Lectionary Liturgies, provides liturgies based on the the Revised Common Lectionary readings for each Sunday of the church year. They are posted the week before “for folks to use in worship, as they deem appropriate.” While the spirit of the language used tends to be open and welcoming, the specific words are not always inclusive, so some tweeking is required prior to use.

Thom Shuman is a poet and Presbyterian (PCUSA) pastor in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

A sample from the “Prayer of the Day” for 3 July 2016:

We offer a harvest of praise to you,
Spirit of joy and wonder.
You pour out your gentleness upon us,
so we might be energized to do what is right.
You patiently sit down to teach us,
using bold print so we might learn
lives of service, gratitude and humility,
if we but trust enough to listen to you.
God in Community, Holy in One,
may we trust always in you